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I help educators value their own well-being and improve their ability to thrive in the classroom. You can participate in research and upcoming publications.

Erica N. Wortherly

Mental Health Advocate

Acknowledging thoughts and feelings connected with past and present circumstances can lead to clarity as you look toward the future.

Focused on Schools

We want to see children thrive in the environments that are intended to provide safety and security. Educators have been tasked with providing social, emotional, and mental health support in additional academic rigor. What happens when everyone’s needs are not met?

Educating the Community

Mental health education comes in many forms to provide information and facilitate innovation to understand the needs and next steps to make a positive impact.

“Erica Wortherly has a very unique way about her. The quality(ies) she possesses you see from the very first encounter. And what you see at first is who she truly is. She’s a kind and genuinely caring person! That caring spirit is shown from the time you present your problem, during the process of listening and solving whatever is the matter and helping to cope and find ways to prevent whatever was going on, from taking place again. She loves helping and uplifting others. She works well with school staff and assisting them in any way possible. For teachers she provides preventive tips,suggestions and strategies that can help in classroom settings. Outside of the class she’s done the same for many scholars and their families in their home life. She’s even taken out time that she really didn’t have to helped me with the some things professionally and personally.  

“Whether on her “case load” or not, Erica is always there to help and to assist in making things better for all that are involved.”

-Micheal B. Caswell, Behavior Intervention Specialist

Teacher Mental Health Status

About Erica

Erica N. Wortherly is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years experience working with schools, teachers, parents, and community members. She is also an author and researcher.

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